25L-9A / 30L-9A / 33L-9A

LPG Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

These LPG forklift trucks deliver a 2.5-3.3 tonne lift capacity with a compact frame and shorter wheelbase. Designed to meet the application requirements of high productivity indoor material handling operations the 25L-9A/30L-9A/33L-9A offers users a combination of clean power, excellent manoeuvrability and superior performance, unmatched in the market.


Optimal Performance

Powerful engine and high technology systems provide you with enhanced performance and highest productivity.

Powerful Engine – HMC L4KB (2.4L)
Market approved quality of HMC L4KB engine ensures incomparable performance, durability and additional value to the machine. Powerful and efficient engine provides excellent fuel consumption and excellent torque.


Optimised Ergonomics

The ergonomically designed cabin and the new style LCD colour monitor provides full support and comfort to the operator

Advanced LCD Monitor
The 5.6 inch wide screen CD colour monitor allows the operator to control the machine with ease. The monitor features speed, travel direction, battery discharge indicator and hour mater.

5.6 inc LCD color monitor - LPG Forklift Trucks

Load Indicator
The load indicator displays the load weight on the monitor. The load sensor reduces the time to check loaded weight and the alarm alerts the driver when overloaded.

Auto Fork Levelling System
To improve the productivity, the auto fork levelling system will automatically stop the tilt movement when the mast is in a straight position.

Fingertip control
Ergonomically designed fingertip control levers reduce operator’s fatigue by eliminating the arm and shoulder movement reaches. It gives operators comfort and efficiency.


Fast & Easy Maintenance

An ideal arrangement of components ensures easy access and convenience for maintenance.

Large Engine Hood
Highly accessible engine compartment assures fast and efficient maintenance. The enlarged air cleaner (7”) has extended service time of the engine.



Load capacity
2,500 / 3,000 / 3,300 kg

Engine power
2,300 rpm

Lifting speed unloaded
590 / 590 / 480 mm/s

Travel speed unloaded
18.0 / 18.9 / 18.9 km/h

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Technical specifications

Units Measurements
Load capacity 2,500 / 3,000 / 3,300 kg
Engine model HMC / L4KB
Engine power 2,300 rpm
Battery voltage N/A
Lifting speed loaded 580 / 570 / 460 mm/s
Lifting speed unloaded 590 / 590 / 480 mm/s
Travel speed loaded -
Travel speed unloaded 18.0 / 18.9 / 18.9 km/h
Turning radius 2342 / 2413 / 2463 mm




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