Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe


The Construction Equipment Division is widely recognised as an industry leader for its use of advanced ergonomics, engineering and technology.

Backed by highly advanced factors automation, a zero-tolerance quality control inspection system, and innovation engineering, the division offers a wide range of construction equipment to satisfy our customers' needs.

The division started production in 1985, and now manufactures construction equipment including hydraulic excavators, wheel loader, skid-steer loaders as well as industrial vehicles.
The division markets and supports its products through 500 local distributors in 140 countries. The division also maintains nine global operation centres in the United States, Europe, India, Indonesia, Brazil and China (Jiangsu, Shandong, Beijing).



See how the company grew, how product lines came and went, and the results of three ownership changes. Watch film clips that show how the products were marketed.

Corporate Timeline


The Hyundai Construction Equipment brand — is synonymous with durability and dependability. A business that sees beyond and goes further, pioneering product and service innovations, which
surprises the competitors and delights customers. "Moving you further" is... The new brand slogan of HCE implies HCE’s core value of providing impressive quality
and service based on trust. Hyundai Construction Equipment is committed to deliver the industry’s best heavy and industrial equipment.

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