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The "Blue Giant" in sewer construction: Hyundai short tail excavator in use by Neureiter

Tuesday 13 August 2019 • Customer Stories

Neureiter uses the HX235LCR 25 metric ton short tail excavator mainly for heavy-duty canal and below ground construction.
Short tail excavators in the 25 metric ton class are in high demand in sewer construction, road construction and demolition. Neureiter GmbH, located in the Bavarian municipality of Fremdingen, is a 55-employee company that focuses on both above and below ground construction. They have been successfully using a Hyundai HX235 LCR short tail excavator in sewer construction for a number of months now.

The client of the extensive sewer rehabilitation project is the Bavarian municipality of Marktoffingen. There were calls for tenders for the replacement of sewage systems, sewer pipes, collectors and connection points. This is accompanied by the replacement and enlargement of the sewer cross-sections, creation of storage space, and the creation of an overflow structure. Pipes and shafts are being made of steel-reinforced concrete in diameters of 400 mm for main sewer channels up to a maximum of 1,200 mm kite-shaped profile. In addition, 32 house connections also require replacement. The construction project was launched in October 2018. A total of 2,000 m of new sewer pipes will be laid at depths of up to 4,000 mm in three construction phases. 

Project completion is slated for October 2019, with sewer construction and installation of new water lines completed by August. The order volume totals 1.5 million euros net. Neureiter has been a family-owned construction company since the 1890s. Now in its sixth generation, the company performs above ground and below ground construction work, as well as plaster work. Further areas are construction site logistics, building material trade, and ground preparation. Sewer construction has been a focus area for about 25 years. 

Managing Director Xaver Neureiter has been with the company since 2009 and oversees its 
55 employees. The company, which is run by him, his father and his uncle, operates within a radius of about 60 km from the company headquarters – with an operating area that extends from Herrieden and Ansbach in the North to the city limits of Augsburg in the south. Its very extensive machine fleet includes 11 excavators, ranging from the 1.8 metric ton mini excavator to the 30 metric ton crawler excavator for heavy-duty below ground and sewer construction.

Xaver Neureiter comments to Hyundai: "The responsible Hyundai Construction Europe dealer, Engelhardt Baumaschinen from Feuchtwangen, has a good location and excellent service – this was a crucial factor for our decision to list Hyundai as a supplier." 

The machine was initially leased in a rent-to-own agreement. After the takeover, the short tail excavator was immediately painted RAL 5015 – the brand colour of the company. At Neureiter, set operators use the large equipment. This increases the availability, ensures that machine appearance is kept tip-top, and offers a guarantee that the operators have familiarised themselves with the complex technology. Up to three columns are in use and work in parallel. The machines work between 400 and 1,200 operating hours.

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