New Managing Director Alain Worp

Wednesday 04 January 2017 • Press releases

Alain Worp Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe

Alain Worp Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe

Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe announce the appointment of Alain Worp as Managing Director.

Mr Worp has been working for Hyundai for 13-years and has held a number of positions within the sales department, which include, Director of Construction Equipment Sales. In the interim
Mr Worp will fulfil both roles - Managing Director and Sales Director CE.

For 2016 Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe predict to end the year with a 5% growth compared to 2015. This result would mean that Hyundai has shown rising market shares for the 7th consecutive year – in growing sales numbers and/or an increase in turn-over. 

Mr Worp said, “The overall market outlook in Europe next year is not a negative one. Based on todays knowledge we expect more or less a similar overall market growth as we have seen this year. Therefore, Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe should see further growth. However, due to the slow market conditions outside of Europe we also expect that in 2017 Europe will be the region where all manufacturers will try to secure their business volumes and compensate for their slow sales elsewhere. This in turn will mean that business will once again be tough and challenging.”

Mr Worp has succeeded Mr J.C. Jung who returned to Korea for the position of Chief Officer Forklift division within Hyundai Construction Equipment.

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