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Hyundai dealers HBN and Wienaber at Nordbau 2016

Monday 12 September 2016 • Local Dealer News

Nordbau 2016 Hyundai dealer Wienaber HBN Germany

Great success for Hyundai dealers HBN and Wienaber at Nordbau 2016

From Wednesday September 7 to Sunday September 11 around 50,000 visitors visited the annual Nordbau exhibition in Germany. Hyundai dealers HBN (Bad-Bentheim) and Wienaber (Wesenberg / Reinfeld) showed 15 Hyundai excavators to the public.

Nordbau 2016 Hyundai dealer Wienaber HBN Germany 

Hyundai Heavy Industries is active in the German market for more than 20 years and that shows. Many visitors were interested to see the new Stage IV machines of Hyundai. The new machines use less fuel, are more comfortable for the operator and highly tunable when it comes to engine and hydraulic systems. For operators Hyundai machines are among the most intuitive, precise and powerfull machines available in the market. Dealers HBN and Wienaber were very satisfied with the rising interest from the public and the increasing sales as a result of that.

 Hyundai Nordbau wienaber HBN


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