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Hyundai completes new Stage IV product range at Bauma 2016

Monday 15 February 2016 •

Bauma booth 2016_Hyundai_2

Bauma 2016, Munich: April 11-17 2016 – Open-air ground FM.813A

Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe (HHIE) will present an extensive range of equipment for both the construction and forklift world. The construction equipment range comprises the construction, utility, forestry, recycling & waste handling and mining & quarrying industries at Bauma 2016. Many of the machines will be making their world premiere at the show. The forklift range focuses on the logistics & warehousing industry, agriculture, construction, load & carry and ports applications – including some world premieres as well.

The line-up includes the release of the newest models of the Stage IV range compliant excavators wheel loaders and forklifts.

Hyundai is showing a grand total of 24 construction equipment machines and 9 forklift models on the company’s 3,447 square metre stand located in the open air area FM.813A. The impressive machine list reads as follows:

For the construction equipment division: excavators & wheel loaders

  1. R16-9, mini-excavator, utility
  2. R17Z-9A, mini-excavator, utility
  3. R25Z-9AK, mini-excavator, utility
  4. R27Z-9, mini-excavator, utility
  5. R35Z-9, mini-excavator, utility
  6. R55-9A, mini-excavator, utility
  7. R55W-9A, mini-excavator, utility
  8. R60CR-9A, mini-excavator, utility
  9. R80CR-9A, mini-excavator, utility 

    Stage IV machines include:

  10. HX145 LCR, crawled excavator, construction (world premiere)
  11. HX220 L, crawled excavator, recycling and waste handling
  12. HX235 LCR, crawled excavator, forestry (world premiere)
  13. HX260 NL, crawled excavator, construction (world premiere)
  14. HX300 NL, crawled excavator, construction (world premiere)
  15. HX330 NL, crawled excavator, recycling and waste handling (world premiere)
  16. HX380 L, crawled excavator, quarry and mining
  17. HX520 L, crawled excavator, quarry and mining
  18. HW140, wheeled excavator, construction (world premiere)
  19. HW210, wheeled excavator, recycling and waste handling (world premiere)
  20. HL940 TM, wheel loader tool master, construction (world premiere)
  21. HL955 TM, wheel loader tool master, forestry (world premiere)
  22. HL960, wheel loader, recycling and waste handling
  23. HL970, wheel loader, construction (world premiere)
  24. HL980, wheel loader, quarry and mining (world premiere)

For the forklift division:

  1. 18BT-9, battery forklift, logistics/warehouse
  2. 35BH-9, battery forklift, agriculture/construction
  3. 25D-9E, diesel forklift, general/rental market (world premiere)
  4. 30D-9, diesel forklift, general/rental market (world premiere)
  5. 35DA-9, diesel forklift, load & carry (world premiere) 

    Stage IV machines include:

  6. 45D-9, diesel forklift, construction (world premiere)
  7. 80D-9, diesel forklift, construction
  8. 160D-9, heavy diesel forklift, general (world premiere)
  9. 250D-9, heavy diesel forklift, port

The most significant change in this continued programme is the roll-out of Stage IV compliant diesel engines, with reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel economy. Besides the engine change there are numerous other updates ranging from the cabin features including dashboard and instrument cluster to the hydraulic control and the exterior design.

Hyundai Booth at Bauma 2016

Visitors are welcome at the outdoor Hyundai pavilion FM.813A. Staff members from Hyundai Europe, Hyundai Headquarters, product specialists and the German Hyundai dealers look forward to welcoming visitors with an interest in Hyundai’s products: an extensive line-up of new crawled and wheeled excavators, wheel loaders and forklifts. Discover our latest range and take place in a selection of machines to have a very close look at the renewed cabin interior and the latest new features.

There is something interesting to see for every visitor. Highlights include the new machine series, a merchandising & spare parts shop. Have your picture taken at our state-of-the-art photo booth, watch the visual entertainment and enjoy some refreshments and snacks in our operator’s café. Hyundai customers are welcome in the hospitality areas.

About Bauma 2016

Commenting on the importance of Bauma, J.C. Jung, CEO of HHIE said, “Market conditions continue to be harsh in our industry. Our business slogan for this year is ‘Change Together’, which means we implement changes and innovations. That is why we are proud to present our latest new generation machines at Bauma to our customers and to our dealers.”

Visitors can visit Hyundai Heavy Industries at Bauma in the open air area FM.813A

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