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Tuesday 16 August 2016 •

Axial Kft. Customer Story
At the plant of the KÉSZ Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the huge steel structures (up to 25 x 5 m) call for enormous power – the Hyundai industrial forklift trucks, supplied by the Axiál Co., Ltd. represent the adequate solution.

The KÉSZ Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd, as part of the KÉSZ Holding, deals with manufacturing large steel structures for various industrial and commercial buildings at its large Kecskemét plant. There are a number of manufacturing facilities on the premises in Kecskemét, the two largest ones being a large roofed warehouse for raw material, and another roofed manufacturing workshop for assembling partly or fully pre-fabricated steel structures.The manufacturing capacity of the KÉSZ Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd is over 16.000 tons per year.
The manufacturing process starts with warehousing of the raw material: steel profiles and sheets, that are lifted off the lorries by bridge cranes, and laid to designated places.
Starting the manufacturing process of a given product, steel profiles and sheets are loaded on trailers, and transported to the CNC workshop, where forklift trucks lift these materials off the trailers. Next step is cutting the profiles and sheets to sizes and shapes according to manufacturing instructions. These ready-cut elements get into a „buffer” area, from where, transported by forklift trucks, to the assembling workshop.
The large steel structures are assembled by welding or other binding technologies, followed by surface treatment, coating, paintwork etc. After drying, the completed structures are transported to the outer storage area, where forklift trucks load them on vehicles transporting the products to the places of installation.
Our production is over 10.000 tons per year, in some years exceeeding 16.000 tons a year. Of course, the aggregated quantity of loads to be handled during the production process must be some times higher than the weight of the finished products shipped out. Although we have no accurate statistics about that, the aggregated load could exceed some 50.000 tons per year. We not only have to move that huge aggregated loads, but we often have to assemble single structures of enormous dimensions: 25 m in length and 5 m in width, that should be raised, lowered and transported on smaller or bigger distances within our premises. Even raw materials and structures considered „small” are really large in „our world”. Therefore we need to have a material handling machinery, that is not only powerful enough to fulfill our high expectations in terms of lifting capacity, but is cost-effective, as well – said Mr. Tamás BENE, Loading and Logistic Manager of the KÉSZ Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    
The right decision

In 2013 our Company in Kecskemét made its decision to renew and modernize its material handling machinery. Having assessed the supply on this market, the decision was made to prefer the machines of Hyundai, supplied by the Axiál Co., Ltd. There was a fleet of 8 Hyundai forklift trucks obtained and commissioned in the last years, 7 pieces of them leased with a full-service package, one machine (capacity 3 t) purchased. Now our fleet consists of one truck with capacity of 14 t, four ones of 7 t, and three ones with capacities of 3,5 t, 3 t, and 1,5 t, 
All of them, with exception of the one working in the central small material store, featuring electric drive, are equipped with Diesel engines and solid wheel tyres. The solid-type tyres are preferred in consideration of the uneven, rough pavement in outer areas and, much more, the risk of damage to the tyres by metallic chips and other debris originating from metal processing.
- As we work at a quite rapid pace, it seemed to be a reasonable decision, not to put plus administrative burdens and uncertantities in our „shopping basket” beyond obtaining material handling machines. The „Leasing with full service” package at a competitive price, offered by the Axiál Co., Ltd proved to be the right solution. The forklift trucks of Hyundai are very powerful heavy-duty machines, with no unexpected and annoying breakdowns – as for maintenance, our sole task has been to record precisely the working hours and, achieving a certain number of working hours to call them to make the scheduled maintenance.      
Of course, it might occur breakdowns and damages to some parts – in these cases the qualified experts of Axiál come within very few hours and make the repairs needed. The truck is in working order again very soon – this is what we highly appreciate – an after sales service has to do its job this way. This way we are enabled to make accurate forecasts in terms of yearly material handling costs, do not have to reckon on unexpected and unplanned expenses – said our Loading and Logistic Manager about benefits of this „Leasing with full service” package.

Professional weightlifters

As for our experiences in operating the forklift trucks, we can only express our appreciation. These trucks feature fully enclosed cabs with air conditioning, ergonomic controls, the 14 t type is equipped with rear-viewing camera for reversing. They are not only comfortable, but their manoeuvrebility is remarkable, as well. They show, in spite of the considerable dimensions, a reasonable turning radius, and a sophisticated forklift movement that enable us – observing all safety rules – making „acrobatic” manoeuvres. Sometimes we really need these qualities while lifting and loading steel structures of extreme dimensions on or off transporting vehicles.    
We often have to use 2 to 3 forklift trucks simultaneously - for example, in case of an oversea project we had to load our structures into containers being loaded on a large trailer. This was only feasible by using 3 forklift trucks simultaneously. This was a very special operation – technical experts of our bussiness partner in South America visited our premises only to have a look at and approve it. Our experienced forklift truck operators have performed this task without any difficulties, but  - to be honest – our Hyundai forklift trucks largely contributed to this operation – said Mr. Tamás BENE.

Hyundai – supplied by Axiál

There are more than 24 models of Diesel-powered Hyundai forklift trucks available – featuring lifting capacities of 1,5 t through 25 t. The 1,5 t – 7 t models are equipped with Kubota, Yanmar or Cummins engines, over 10 t Cummins or MTU Diesel engines, all of them having very low emission figures. Hyundai makes every effort at designing these machines to consider European standards and requirements. The efforts of the manufacturer result in powerful, robust machines, performing well even under the toughest circumstances, providing safe and comfortable working environment for the operator. Thanks to powerful engines and hydraulics, these machines are highly efficient at doing their day-to-day job. The new colourful LCD displays in the Serie 9 machines provide useful information to the operator. Beside customary programmes, also longitudinal and transversal position and, as optional items, the load being carried and picture of the reversing camera is shown here.
Parts of the basic equipment are the integrated sideshift, load support grid (1,5 to 8,0 t), OPSS (Operator’s Presence Sensing Sytem), reverse signal, full-LED lighting system for public road traffic, turning indicators, adjustable and suspended seat for the operator, equipped with Grammer safety belt, adjustable steering column, rear-viewing mirror, vertical positioning of the lifting mast by single pushbutton, and machine switch-on by PIN-code over 2,5 tons. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of diverse accessories to our forklift trucks – said Mr. István SZÍVÓS, Area Representative of Axiál Co., Ltd. 

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