Cuypers NV, Antwerp

Monday 31 December 2012 •

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Antwerp is home to one of Europe’s largest sea ports, second only to Rotterdam in terms of total freight shipped. It is also home to dealer Raepers' customer "Cuypers", which leases forklifts and other port-side equipment to the various companies using the harbour every day. Cuypers needed a forklift that is unbreakable, or in their exact words “a tank with a mast.” After a six-month test the Hyundai 30D-7E forklifts won against the bigger competitors, which persuaded them to switch from their previous forklift supplier to Hyundai. Cuypers has a total fleet of around 1,500 different (un)loading machines, working around the clock in Antwerp port. One of its customers is Manuport Logistics, a global shipper with bulk fertiliser as one of its key products. Dried fertiliser is a very aggressive compound that corrodes iron, so Manuport needed a rugged, reliable and strong forklift for the job. The workhorse specs of the 30D-7E were a perfect match for Manuport’s needs; designed for tough work, with no gimmicks and nothing the operator doesn’t need. And with 48 kW / 65 hp engine output and 3,000 kg load capacity, the 30D-7E was immediately hard at work. Its quick response control levers, high visibility operator cab and strong overhead guard were just some of the reasons that Cuypers now has a fleet of 25 30D-7E machines, including the dedicated forklifts at use for the challenging Manuport work.

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